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Whats up? Marine here. Im the Black Jackets Field Marshal. For myself, I joined the Black Jackets in the Summer of 2007 when I was recruited in the Tundra Pizza Parlor. I have came back to the Black Jackets since I heard Coff decided to return.  Black Jackets are going to be rollin’ into the Top Ten soon.

The picture above is when the Black Jackets & IMAF teamed up against the Shadow Troops(Top Left Corner)




Charly here, Echo Division General. There are two divisions in the Black Jackets. Echo & Foxtrot. Once you have commented on the join page of the Black Jackets, you will be automatically placed in a Division. If you do not like the division you are in and you would like to be transfered, comment at the Complaint Department.

Echo Website


Foxtrot Website



Echo Division General(s)



Foxtrot Division General(s)




To make this straight, the uniform in the header is not the uniform.  We will not be using the uniform from 2007. Instead we will use a new uniform. The picture below, is the new uniform.



8 Responses

  1. Pink Mafias has returned.

  2. nice

  3. Hey, are you guys still active?

  4. Dudee, Its Abby;; Your A Loser:)
    jk Me Too

  5. That all started from a rebel on Shadow troops and Yobity.

  6. Dude, thats not Black Jackets, Thats Shadow Warriors! I was there, and I had a picture…

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